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How Should I Be Gripping My Golf Club?

As you go through the motions of your swing, you and your golf instructor will be able to take note of areas where you can improve for a better outcome. One aspect you may be able to improve for your next chip or putt is your grip on the club. While you need to hold on with a certain tightness in order to keep control of the club, oftentimes golfers are holding on too tight for a truly effective swing.

The Proper Grasp

While chipping and putting, it’s best to maintain the same level of grip on your club through the approach and back swing. Hold your club with a light grasp, without holding on too tight. The way most experts go about explaining it is to hold on to the handle much like you would a bird or small reptile: apply enough pressure to keep hold of the club, but not enough that you are squeezing it. You will be able to relax more during the swing, feeling more of the action as you move forward. A constant pressure gives you more control and leads to a better shot, getting your ball closer to where you want it to go. You will have a stronger shot and the ability to rotate the clubhead at a better angle. As you get used to swinging the club with the proper grip, you will be able to change the pressure with your swing.

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