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What Do You Need? Basic Equipment for Your First Round of Golf

Golfing remains a popular American pastime, with nearly 10% of the population participating in the sport. If you’re new to golf, however, it may feel like a lot to learn at once. Here’s a list of the basic equipment you’ll need to play a round of golf, and why.

Golf Gloves

Gloves are something many beginners may not think about—but in fact, they’re essential. Golf is all about the swing, and gloves allow you to maintain a firm grip on the club regardless of sweat. Not to mention they’ll keep your hands safe from otherwise blistering after 18 holes of constant action.

Golf Clubs

A typical set of golf clubs will contain 12 clubs. This includes a driver (used for long distances), three woods (long distances), three hybrids (medium distance, easier to use for beginners) , 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons (medium distance), a pitching wedge (short distance), a sand wedge, and a putter. Beginners, though, can start off with a half set—at that level of play, you’re unlikely to be able to tell the difference between a 7-iron and an 8-iron. A half set will still allow you to overcome a wide range of obstacles while playing.

Golf Bag

Remember that golf involves a lot of walking—especially if you don’t have a golf cart to speed you along. You’ll need to carry all your clubs, along with your balls and other playing accouterments, in a durable golf bag. Bags differ in terms of pockets, their handle location, and their dividers. You may not need a full-length, 14-way divider as a beginner, but this helps keep clubs separated and easy to find. A towel loop can also be great to have so that you can regularly use a towel to wipe dirt and debris off your clubs before returning them to the bag.


Neon tees are often a popular choice for golfers—possibly because they’re harder to miss. Throw a 200-count tee pack into your bag and you should be good for numerous rounds.

Sun Protection

There’s a reason that visors are so ubiquitously associated with golf—it’s not only hot out there on the course, it’s sunny, too. Make sure you’re always protected from the sun with a visor or hat, and keep some sunscreen in your pack as well.

If you’ve just started playing golf, some of the benefits are already obvious—it’s a great way to network while also providing mental and physical exercise. Lessons can help beginners understand the nuances of the game and gain a better feel for which clubs to use, and why. Contact The Clubhouse for information on receiving lessons, and improving your game.

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